XChain is a public chain platform that links global blockchain storage,aims to build super community data interaction, provides blockchian technology unbounded interaction system and blockchain ecological customization service.

XChain Public Chain

Provides baseic service for globalchain, provides universal services for any blockchain ecology and application system. And it was compatible with various interactive protocols and supports all blockchain scenarios.

Blockchain Customization

Applies customized and exclusive services for global blockchains, and provides sustomized blockchian frameworks, and realizes customized support for each section of their application scenarios.

Client Products

Provides users with a platform to control their digital identities and digital assets autonomously, and can be applied to multiple application senarios such as social networking and asset trading.

Comprehensive Database

All data in XChain can be used for searching and verifying links, providing one-stop service.

Market Transactions

Supports all application scenarios listed on XChain for boundless data Transactions adn ensures data financial security.

Quantification of Reputation

Supports the quantification of credit value on-chain and off-chain. Establishes different reputation evaluation logics and provides rating authorization and auditing capabilites based on the multidimensional credit scoring protocol of XChain.

Data Management

Supports data collaboration, cirsulation, and other functional expansion among different entities in the global blockchain.

Determination of Identity and Rights

Links all the human、things and financial affairs in the real world to identify, authenticate and confirm rights, and provides exclusive identificaton.
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consensus mechanism

Uses XSC protocol combined with CBFT alogorithm, on the basis of high performance, to achieve the improvement of the blockchain world.
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Cross-chain Protocol

To realize global blockchain unbounded blending and asset axchange.
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Multi-level Nodes

Combining XDS fragmentation technology, providing on-chain design of node type and providing super node technical support.
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Identity Authorization

Integrates diversity, distributed, and protects data privacy security and easily expandable entity identificaton verification and authorization system at the same time.And it can intergrate different audit mechanisms according to business scenarios.

Alian Delon

Born in 1975,he graduated from Stand University in the United States. As a senior Microsoft engineer, he has extensive experience in this feld. He once worked one technology research and developemt at the Silicon Valley Venture Base in the Unite States and had access to many high-quality projects. In 2013 he entered the blockchain industry and emerged.

Gloria Aaron

A Bachelor of Computer Science from Clifornia Institute of Technology, he has 9 years of experience in the filed of technology developemt and has had successful entrepreneurial experiences.

Karl Evan

He is a Ph.D. in cryptography and a loya supporter of encyption technology and blockchain technology. He is a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in information systems and product Management.

Howard Allen

He is a professor of physice at the University of Michigan and a Bitcoin entrepreneur. He has been invited to participate in North America Blockchain Summit for many times and he is good at digital marketing analysis.

Shimazaki Satoshi

Satoshi graduated from the Tokyo University and later studied at Clumbia University in the United States. He is proficient in English, French, and Japanese languages, and has extensive research in the area of blockchian.

Endo Yuki

Endo graduated from Kyoto University and was a business developemt executive with extensive experience working in the Asia Pacific region and Easterm Europe. In the past 10 years, he has developed.

Stepen Gino

Stephen graduated from MIT with experience in UX and UI desigen and front-end developemt. In terms of project management, Stephen has extensive experience in product design and brand strategy.

Angus Henry

Angus graduated from Harvard University and has extensive professional experience, He worked for some large companies such as Intel and Boxee.In addition, he also started an undertkaing the Silicon Valley of the United States and had a background in cybersecurity and cryptocurrency/Bitcion.
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